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Independent Entrepreneur

Our Values

Ethic and responsibility
  • Our behavior reflects the highest levels of ethic and responsibility before the challenges of the organization. Our commitment is clear and is focused 100% to the shared benefit of field and company.
Flexibility and adaptation to change
  • We understand the only thing that is permanent is change; we not only adapt, but create it to guarantee a continuous growth.
Will of Steel
  • We focus with much perseverance and passion to the only result that guarantees our success: To improve people’s lives.
  • We are an organization with non-linear thinking, creative and innovational, which allows us to constantly grow and improve. We make use of the existing technologies and create new ones, especially in the field of health and biology using natural products.
Leadership and teamwork
  • We encourage the creation of great people who serve, leaders that through respect stimulate the shared work and promote among their teams loyalty, gratitude and edification