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In order to harness our gratitude with life, and in line with the belief that FuXion famil union is the basis for development of a healthy society and the happiness of its members, we have decided to concentrate our humanitarian work in SOS Children's Villages in Latin America, contributing to the overall development of children who were at one time abandoned or orphaned.

SOS Children's Villages is an independent, non-governmental and social development organization present in 132 countries acting on behalf of children and children who are at risk or have lost parental care. In the SOS children live in a family environment that provides a solid foundation on which to build their lives; where they learn values, share responsibilities and form relationships that last a lifetime.
Every girl or boy is in the care of a mother. Biological siblings are not separated. Each family creates its own home in the village. The SOS family is part of the community.
SOS - as beneficiaries of our activities today you have much to be thankful for life, God ... It channels these energies and your desire to thank helping the less fortunate!