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Independent Entrepreneur


In 2006, a group of friends led by Alvaro Zuñiga Benavides, decided to increase the nutritional value of products consumed every day by millions of people in Latin America and in the world. They developed a series of nutraceutical products to supplement daily food both to enhance the quality of life of individuals and to achieve true health.

But we wanted to contribute something to society. We wanted to improve the quality of life of people. So set out to create a distribution system under the network marketing model that would give consumers real health and also give them the opportunity to grow financially and professionally. As independent entrepreneurs they help people around creating wealth, wellness and personal development.
Since April 2010, this successful combination has allowed the company to grow steadily and is changing the lives of countless thousands of people who decided it was time to embrace the promise that makes drives all our actions as a company: We improve your life!