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Independent Entrepreneur

If I change, the world changes

This means that any process of change you intend to start in your family, job, business team or influence group, would necessarily begin by making this change in you.

To lead by example is taking the initiative and making others follow you, therefore is of vital importance that you know with absolute certainty where you are going and where you are taking everyone else.
Leadership means to be a carrier of the vision of FuXion and keeping it alive in each associate of your network. Let your influence come from your actions as well as from your words.
It’s absolutely necessary that you take charge of 3 sources of information that influence your mentality, attitude and results in a powerful way.
  • The books you read
  • The audios you listen to
  • The people you visit regularly choose books that will help you grow and read them, choose important audios and listen to them, choose the best people and visit with them often, let them transmit their enthusiasm, ideas and energy on to you.
Form indestructible relationships with your team based on a genuine, honest and loyal friendship. Accept you are someone special, with talents and qualities; accept your call to achieve big things for you, for the people you love, for the families of the Americas.